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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I've Been Up To Lately

Spring is a busy time around here,
and now we are smack dab into early summer.

It can be a challenge to get blog posts done this time of year with gardening, caring for our critters, my kiddos dance recital, and soon canning all of the delicious goodness that will be coming from the garden, keeping me busy.

Before you know it, it'll be County Fair Time and shortly after hubby and I will be venturing to Alaska for a week with his sister and her husband. We will be taking a belated 25th Anniversary Celebration Trip.

So thought I would just take a few minutes and share some
of what's been going on for me...

Seriously...I couldn't believe my hubby was planning to toss this rusty beauty...
sorry buddy but not in this household.
My answer to that is PLANT FLOWERS IN IT! (or sell it on Etsy)

Junky Yard Art
(Can't wait for the flowers to fill in and the grass to get greener)

The bathtub spent a lot of years as a water trough for my horses, the blue bench was a freebie at a yard sale, and hubby gave me "the look" when I snagged it. You know the one...Don't ask me why but the rusty old saw blades have just been hanging around in various places forever so thought I would group them altogether.

 My Grandfather's Vintage Artwork

One of the main goals I had for summer break, was to get our spare room,
which also serves as an office space/sewing room...reorganized.

In the closet I came across a vintage art portfolio of my grandfather's, my grandmother had given me years ago, and in it was a painting and some art lessons with instructor feedback, all dated July 1965.

What better way to enjoy and honor my grandfather, who was very talented, than to have these gems framed and displayed in my office/home. So that's the plan!

I've even managed to get out in my workshop and work on a few
Junkin' Restyle Projects...

Pop Crate & License Plate

Patriotic Artwork
(Yard Sale Find Canvas, Paint and a Painted Cardboard Star)

Tute on how I made that cardboard star in the works right now...
so stay tuned

Restyled Metal Box
Will make a great planter or storage for towels or something, I haven't decided yet.

So as soon as kiddos dance recital is over this weekend I will dive into more of the many projects I have laying around the workshop, some I will have up for sale in my Etsy Shop Toodlefetties Restyled & Rusty, and some I will no doubt keep for myself...I seem to do that way more than I should.

What kind of fun Spring/Summer stuff do you have going on?
Please share, I would love to hear about it!

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Have a great day!