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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabulous Mother's Day Weekend

Even though our weather continues to be frustrating and leave us craving warm temps. and sunshine, it turned out to be a great Mother's Day weekend.

Hubby's family was out of town so we will celebrate with his mom later this week, but we did have the opportunity to have a quiet little get together and BBQ with my parents.

 The gorgeous Rusty Roses from Hubby
decked out in a rusty vintage milk can

The beautiful red roses from my kiddo...
rusty old thermos, vintage canning jars, vintage flatware and a waterbath canning
rack made for a perfect centerpiece.

 ...and finally, even though it's still a little chilly
the Apple Blossoms are trying to show their pretty colors.

A fabulous weekend all around and the weatherman is calling for low 70's tomorrow, do we dare hope it will be true...well I know my fingers are crossed,
and itching to get out and dig in some dirt.

So I say, let's give the weather guy the benefit of the doubt and pray for...
Weather Clip Art

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