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Friday, June 10, 2011

Warning Construction Zone

For the 20+ years we have lived in our home we have wanted and needed to build some kind of a workshop or garage.

Picture over 25 years of married bliss and accumulation in a 1700 sq. ft. manufactured home and you will get the idea. I promise I have gotten rid of things over the years but I swear there is just never enough room, no matter how creative I get with organization.

So after much thought and planning we finally made the decision to build a workshop. A glorious 24x36 pole barn shop with 11 ft. sidewalls.

Ground Breaking Day

Digging the holes for the poles

 Trusses are up - starting on the framing

...and yes this is the time when the excitement really kicks in, as we can see it taking shape. Visions of where everything is going to go start popping into our heads. 

All dressed in it's metal siding, waiting for the door...and
ripe for some personalization.

The corner I have claimed as my own.

In this shot the floor is still drying after a water bath by the contractor. I have a set of awesome cabinets to re-purpose from my nephew's kitchen remodel. I am going to install them in this corner to make a project work area. Now to either build or go on the hunt for a work table. I wonder what kind of inspiration I can find from my fellow bloggers, guess I will be paying them a visit today.

Let the fun begin...moving in...personalizing and getting all of those
projects started that have been on hold waiting for this glorious space!

I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to be able to have workspace to spread out and work, work, work. No more taking over the backyard and deck, no more scrambling to deal with the weather when I have a painting project going on outside, and the wind decides to blow or the rain sneaks in.

It's a happy day, I am truly blessed that we have been able to do this after so many years of wishing and wanting.

Do you have a special work space where you like to create? Please share I would love to hear about it!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh you lucky duck...what glorious space! I have my tiny sunroom for listing and a small storage/packing room that is always overflowing. Have fun setting up your dream space!

  2. Thanks Jan, I am looking forward to it and just a little overwhelmed, but it's all good. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :-)

  3. Now you guys need to build me one for my dance studio... LOL. Nope it is vary cool. Now you can share your corner with me ;).

  4. I understand how exciting it is to have a space you can call your own. I was so excited when I found this old desk that was already weathered and beat up, you see I have a "corner" under a Juniper Tree that I call "potting station". I have been known to spend hours under this tree working with plants and other important matters. I am on the look out for something that I can put next to the desk that will holds water and has a side counter of some sort. Take care Teresa! Betty