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Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Hot Salmon Cannin' Momma

What do you do when you are babysitting a pressure canner?

Today it looks like I will be working on my blog, especially since I have been so scarce lately. What's up with that and what's a girl to do when the hours of the day are just so filled with life stuff, that finding time to blog has been a gianormous challenge.

 So here we go...

Today in the Toodlefetties household with the help of my sweet hubby it's all about
pressure canning 40+ lbs. of Salmon.

So far this is the second time we have fired up the trusty pressure canner in recent weeks to can up some pink, tasty, flaky goodness that will bring us much mealtime pleasure.

All of that glorious fish will be made into mouth watering edible morsels like Salmon Cakes, whipped into a sandwich spread, chopped up into a salad, or just munched right out of the jar.

and we're off!

This morning started bright and early 6 am-ish to be exact, and after the chores of feeding critters, sorting laundry, and eating breakfast it all began with loading about 4 dozen pint sized canning jars into the dishwasher for a quick hot wash, necessary to clean and sterilize them, while hubby loaded the smoker with the salmon that has been in the brine mixture since yesterday.

An hour or so later, out of the smoker and packed into hot jars the first batch went into the canner... and now for the long part...three hours or so...very long part...

Load the canner, bring it up to a gentle boil, vent steam, close vent, bring up to pressure, hang out and canner-sit, which means don't leave the kitchen, so what do I do in the mean time?
  • Read a gardening book, (which I've read before)
  • Wash a few dishes
  • Do a load or two of laundry (laundry room is next to kitchen)
  • Take a phone call or two
  • BLOG (see I can do it)
  • Troll Facebook (laptop and wireless internet) so still not leaving the kitchen
  • Check in on other blogs I like to follow
  • Visit with sis-in-law when she stops by
  • Drink about a pot of coffee (not really, but seems like it)
  • Watch HGTV, DIY or ??? (Kitchen, dining room and family room are one big area of the house so still not leaving the kitchen).

After nearly two hours, turn off heat to canner and wait for pressure to drop to ZERO, 
and then TUH-DUH, finally the first batch is ready to set out to cool, (love to hear that pop, pop, pop sound of the lids when they seal), with so many jars it almost sounds like popcorn popping.
All total about three hours
To quote my precocious 12-year-old daughter, "Three hours of my life I won't get back!"
and yes that statement usually includes that well known pre-teen eyeroll, gotta love kiddos.

Now for some good stuff...I thought I would share a family favorite Salmon Cake Recipe

Hot Momma Salmon Cakes 

1 large egg
1 tbsp. worcestershire sauce
1/8 tsp.hot pepper sauce (tabasco or tapatio)
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 tbsp. dried parsley
15 oz. salmon (canned)
1/2 c. fine bread crumbs
lemon juice

(Our home canned salmon is smoked, and then canned with salsa and jalapenos, so if you want to spice up store bought canned salmon you might try adding a little more hot pepper sauce for a little more heat...we love the heat, spicy heat that is!)

Combine ingredients and mix well, shape into patties and grill.
Serve with a splash of lemon juice on top, and if you are like my hubby don't forget some tartar sauce. Enjoy! (Makes about 5-6 salmon cakes)

 Just a side note this salsa is our salsa of choice for eating and canning our salmon.
It is made locally and we have enjoyed it for years at a local restaurant,
we are fortunate to be able to purchase it locally, but I have found a link to a retailer
that lists it as an item they sell so if you can I would encourage you to check it out.

Go to their SHOP and search for Honcho Villas Salsa
We are not paid to endorse this product, just a fan!

There you have a brief glimpse into my day of canning salmon, now off to put in the second batch...it's going to be a very long day, a 60 jar long day!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, have a great day and please do leave comments, I enjoy hearing from you.

Have a great day!


  1. This post is so ironic..I have been craving some salmon cakes for DAYS! I went in the kitchen and scrounged around but only found one can (it'll do though)I'm gonna fix it up for Sunday diner tomorrow using your recipe. Thank you for the recipe it's different from my grannies. I just love your blog, you have so many informative posts! Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks Crystal, and I hope they turn out good for you. Since our salmon is canned with the salsa and the jalapenos already, I haven't tried it with plain canned salmon, good I hope. I love your blog too...can't wait for the Vintage Camp Trailer Section, I so want a vintage Airstream to restore! I hope to get some more updates done on our doublewide soon and some pictures posted as well. :-)

  3. I was wanting to bug you again and see if I could feature your home someday..Your kitchen is dreamy! You just let me know when and I'll come-a-runnin...oh and I only got 1 salmon cake that Sunday, apparently my 8 yr old didn't know she liked them so much and went a bit hog wild on them..lol! I didn't have any lemon juice but I followed your recipe and the hot sauce made a huge difference, don't know why I never thought to try that...thank you so much for sharing it!

  4. Awww, thanks Crystal...I'd love to be included in your blog, I will keep you posted on my home updates. I'm hoping to finish laundry room and adjoining bathroom updates in the next couple of months. I've managed to get the wood floors down in the kitchen and am still dreaming about redoing the counter tops. The bathroom and laundry room are next to the kitchen so they kind of go together. I'll let ya know when I have something worth posting about. Glad you liked the salmon cakes as well. Talk to you soon. :-)