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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Update....Not Yet!

So consistency with posting on the blog seems to be a challenge for me lately, and that's why I resolve to put it on the top of my list of {New Year's Resolutions}.

Since I like to write short stories, which often come from my over active imagination, or are based on actual events, I thought I would share the following story I wrote about a dining out adventure we had some time ago...So, enjoy while you wait for my promised updates on the happenings at...
{Coonie & Bees}.

Rooster At Large In Small Town

Last night we decided rather than eating in we would treat ourselves out to our favorite hometown Chinese restaurant. Nothing out of the ordinary for us, and probably $40.00+ dollars we should have stashed in savings...but you just have to treat yourself once in awhile.

Little did we know that our meal would include entertainment. A chicken round-up by our local County and City Police Departments was the last thing we expected to be witness to. It seems a fiesty little rooster had escaped from who knows where and decided to hang out around the restaurant. The problem being the very busy two lane traffic between where he came from and the restaurant. I know chicken verses automobile can't possibly end well for the chicken.

The little fugitive resembled this handsome fella found at ruralramblings.com

After spying the little rooster strutting around the flower planters next to where we were seated, we mentioned it to our server. Not sure what else to do, she had already contacted the police department who then sent an officer, he was unable to find the pint size poultry. Within minutes of our conversation and observing Mr. Rooster narrowly missing meeting his demise in traffic, on the scene arrived first a County sheriff's deputy followed shortly by City police officers.

Now to a bystander who was not aware of what was transpiring it would have been easy to assume that there could be serious police business going down on the South end of town. Police cars parked in the street, officers directing traffic, cars backing up in two lanes, people coming from a neighboring business to watch. In a larger town one may expect to see news vans and reporters swarming the area, however this being a small town we'd have to settle for bystanders with cell phone cameras. Unfortunately I had forgotten mine and couldn't get my husbands to work in the frenzy of activity, so I didn't get any video or photos.

Within minutes of arriving on the scene our dedicated police officers, after a moment of conferring and a few good natured chuckles amongst themselves, it was decided, it seemed that the county deputy would engage in a foot pursuit of the two legged feathered suspect with city officers acting as hazers to shoo the little critter in the deputy's direction.

Now anyone knows that a foot race between poultry and human is not going to be easy for the human and the chances of success in apprehending said poultry in a wide open space without the assistance of a net or some other device are slim to none. Those odds however did not stop our deputy and officers from executing operation Capture Rooster At Large.

After an  impressive sprint behind the rooster, dodging the obstacles of parked cars, flower planters, curbs and sidewalks, coming within inches of snagging the little feathered fowl, the deputy finally got a big break in the foot race when Mr. Rooster took refuge underneath a parked vehicle. Taking their positions to flush the perpetrator out of his hiding spot it was only a matter of seconds before he made his move to escape, only to end up trapped between the grill and grill guard on the vehicle he had hidden under. Allowing the officer to effect a successful two handed mid-air grab, finally catching the elusive little rooster as cheers and laughter erupted from the watching crowd.

So not only was it a brief moment of entertainment and conversation for the restaurant patrons it was a happy ending for the rooster and thankfully we didn't have to be witness to a tragic ending for the little guy. My appreciation goes out to our local law enforcement departments for being willing to take on the round-up and rescue of that rooster when they surely have more serious matters to attend to, and I am sure they never imagined their oath of to "protect and serve" would include catching wayward chickens.

copyright - TM Leno

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