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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have You Washed Your Reusable Shopping Bag Lately?

Just a thought...

The use of cloth reusable shopping bags comes to mind. You know the ones that virtually every store has jumped on the band wagon and has made available, in every color of the rainbow and every size and shape possible and of course sporting various logos etc. I want to believe it is because those companies are serious about being environmentally conscious, but my years in the publishing/marketing world tells me that it is more about another marketing tool to get their name on something that will make it's way into our homes and be visible by anyone that sees us sporting it around.

That being said I'm a big fan of reusable shopping bags, with or without a company logo on them, because I detest those plastic ones, although there are some interesting ways to craft with them. I just wanted to offer a friendly reminder for those that have a pile of those lovely fabric bags stuffed in the back of their car like I do, remember they can pick up some nasty bacteria so make it a habit to wash them on a regular basis. I have found that most of them hold up pretty well so...better to be safe than sorry.

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