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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis The Season For Ghost Poop

As the holiday season looms ever closer, I have had on my mind, or maybe it's in my nightmares I'm not quite sure, but I can foresee the days when I will feel like I am suffocating under the mountain of leftover packaging that seems to find it's way into my house this time of year. You know the stuff....chunks of squeaky styrofoam, millions of packing peanuts (lovingly called ghost poop in our house), shredded paper, cardboard boxes, gift wrap, bows, tags, cards, plastic air pillows, bubble wrap! This is the part where I scream and start to pull my hair out, not really but it does significantly raise my anxiety level.

On the up side I feel a small sense of relief knowing that I can and will reuse as much of the packaging as possible when I ship items that have been purchased in my Etsy store, Toodlefetties.etsy.com. However that may only make a small dent in the mammouth pile, and no matter how organized I keep it if I try to store much more stuff in our modest three bedroom house, I just may have to deal with the wrath of my hubby, who I've noticed the excuse and I quote myself..."but honey I may need that someday, I can find a use for it" is starting to fall on deaf ears. Probably because he's heard it more than a zillion times in 24+ years of marriage, he is a good sport though and has been coming around more and more to conserving and reusing.

A couple of handy websites for ideas on how to craft with or reuse discarded items I have found useful are About.com, search Trash to Treasure or Green Crafts and checkout a great article by Ann Johnson on eHow.com titled Trash to Treasure Crafts. While I wish I could claim to be a total creative genius and come up with an unlimited amount of ideas for Trash to Treasure myself, like any mom with a plate full and then some it's more fun some days to pick others brains or follow other tips and hints and then put my own creative twist on things. Always with the goal of reducing all of this crazy waste our disposable minded consumerism mentality causes on a daily basis. The good Lord only gave us one chance to care for this beautiful planet of ours and if we all do just a little, collectively we will be able to accomplish a lot.

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