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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just A Little About What I Do...

As I trek around thrift stores, yard sales and more, various things may find their way home with me for a little Toodlefetties love. Recently I listed a few Christmas items like Snowy the Snowman who I discovered in the bargain box at a thrift store. Missing his nose and looking very tattered, here in my studio he received a good cleaning, a fresh coat of snow and a newly sculpted carrot nose and from a piece of a recycled ornament I gave him his own snow covered wreath.

Current projects in the works here at Toodlefetties are an art wall hanging made with upcycled items like scraps of pretty papers that are being fashioned into flowers along with tree limb trimmings from my garden. Ice Cream Cone Snowmen and more. Stay tuned because you never know what my idle time and over active imagination will come up with next.

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  1. I took a look at Snowy and he's perfect! You saved him! I bet he looks even better than when he was new. So much more fun to spruce up old things than buy new. I look forward to seeing pics of the wall hanging. Have a great day!