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Monday, April 11, 2011

To Keep Or Not To Keep...Should That Be The Question?

Every once in awhile when I am out and about treasure hunting I come across an item that is really cool, and then I have to decide..."to keep or not to keep"...that is the question.

A perfect example of that is this really cool egg scale. I found it buried in the dirt near an old abandoned house. It is in perfect working condition and has a great rusty patina from years of being out in the elements. As a resale item it has a retail value of around $40, and all in all it is just really cool, it's just the type of gem that should be in my Etsy shop inventory.

SIGH...as much as I would like to keep all of the junk-a-licious treasures I find, there just isn't enough real estate available in my house for every fascinating trinket that comes home with me.

I would love to hear other junkers perspective on how you decide what to keep and what not to keep. If you'd like to chime in please leave me a comment and give me your take on the matter. As for this awesome little find, I'm thinking there is a perfect spot for it near the vintage egg crates on display in my kitchen. Maybe one of these days it'll end up in my Etsy inventory, but for now...I think the answer to my question is "to keep!"

~ Teresa

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