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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Realization that I have a lot of really cool junk!

Now that Spring is trying very hard to show it's fresh, lovely face around here, or should I say...it's teasing us here in Central Oregon with an occasional day nice enough to get out and work outside.

Recently I had the opportunity to somewhat take into account all of the junk-a-licious treasures I have around that I sometimes forget about. Like the antique cast iron bath tub that will be blooming furiously with flowers, the rusty steamer trunk that was just too far gone to restore so it was placed in an honorable location in one of the flower beds on the South end of my house and then there are always several unique interesting planters hanging out and around the deck. I very rarely buy any of those fancy new shiny pots you see at garden centers and stores like Home Depot, where would be the personality in that?

Yesterday my husband, who no longer questions my sanity (at least to my face)...willingly hooked a big chain to the very large tractor tire that my horses at one time used as a feeder, and dragged it down the driveway and placed it at the corner of my pasture fence along the road to our house. Can you imagine what the neighbors are thinking? While we don't live right in town we do have various neighbors around us on small acreages similar to ours, and I figure once I have that big old tire filled with dirt, and planted with the riot of gloriously blooming flowers that I can see in my mind they won't mind. I mean if my neighbor next door can have a display of rusty vintage farm implements out by his mailbox, then that gorgeous rubber monster full of flowers will fit right in.

I'm thinking today is a good day to snap a few pictures of some of the junk I have around that is so much a part of my home, not to mention some of the goodies that will be destined for my Etsy shop.

Stay tuned....   ~ Teresa

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