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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally A Moment To Blog About Hotel Recycling

    As I had shared in my last post, I was intrigued by the recycling and other green policies of the hotel I was staying in at the time. The hotel being the Portland Marriott Residence Inn At Riverplace in Portland, Oregon.
     I was there for 8 days because my mom had a very complex surgery at a nearby hospital that meant a few days in ICU and several days in the hospital. The Marriott was convenient, affordable, had some great amenities and as I had mentioned before I was intrigued and pleased by their recycling and green policies.
   The first thing I noticed upon arrival to my suite was a list hanging on the refrigerator that outlined the items that could be placed into a special trash can for recycling. The kitchen sink had a garbage disposal for waste food items, a special magnetic sign was provided if you wanted to place it on your door to request no maid services. Which I thought was great, because it just wasn't necessary to have new towels and clean sheets on the bed everyday when it was just me staying there, I mean really I don't make that big of a mess. So I had them clean and restock the room about every 2 to 3 days or so. That would translate into less laundry to wash, so less water and electricity used.
    They also had a beautiful pool and jacuzzi area, which I didn't have time to use, but I did go check it out after I read in an informational packet that said it was a mineral based pool, so no harsh chemicals like chlorine were used for sanitation. Being a residence inn, the rooms had full kitchens, but they also served breakfast and light evening meals in their downstairs dining area, where I noticed recycle stations set up as well for waste.
    I do not do a lot of traveling, but when I do I am noticing that more hotels are implementing recycling policies, which is great for the environment, but I'm sure it has to do with controlling some of their costs as well, which can translate into better rates and prices for their customers and in the mean time it makes them good stewards of the environment in their communities. It is definitely something that I will continue to take a look at when comparing hotel rates when planning a trip or vacation.

~ Teresa

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