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Monday, December 31, 2012

{ H a P p y - N e W - Y e A r }

Just taking a few minutes to stop in and wish everyone a {Happy New Year}

My sweet kiddo has been under the weather the last several days, and with all of the snow and freezing weather we have been having, hubby has had to work a lot of extra hours, so it will be a quiet New Year's Eve around our house this year.

Wherever you may be and whatever you are doing, have a safe, blessed and Happy New Year.
See you in 2013 with fun new adventures!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Teresa,
    Just wanted to let you know I posted about your blog.
    Hope you get some new visitors...


    PS for you...in case not on my rust and patina tutorial:
    I lay my things out on old paper towels to dry..then you get some great rusty patterns to use on art pieces too. =)

  2. Yes......I found you by way of Barbara Jean's blog and I can tell Im gonna have fun going back and looking through your post. Im now following you and hope you'll visit me at PICKINandPAINTIN.blogspot.com. Maybe you'll decide to follow back.

    Happy New Year to you too. 8-)

  3. Thanks Barb, and Candy...welcome and glad to have made new friends. I will be following you guys as well. Love finding people with the same interests. Thanks again for the share on your blog Barb, my readership stats shot up big time today...I feel blessed. See you guys again soon. :-)