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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Name . . . New Look, and Here's Why

"So why do some of your photos say "Toodlefetties Restyled and Rusty" on them?"

That's a question I have been asked, as I have recently been in blog redesign mode.

When I started my blog a couple of years ago, Toodlefetties was a name that I made up, it didn't really have any special meaning to me, and I could never come up with an image that would work for me. As a former graphic designer, I had more than one hair pulling out, frustrating moment while I was trying to create an image for that name.

So, recently I decided to rename, re-brand and redesign everything from my blog, to my facebook page, to my Esty shop...I know crazy, right?

So where did the name Coonie and Bees come from you ask?

Coonie is the nickname my sweet grandma had when she was growing up, and it always caught my attention when I would hear her talk about it. Bees for some reason sounded good with Coonie, and reminded me of Aunt Bea from Mayberry. Do you remember that old t.v. show?

This would be my sweet grandma Coonie
 her name is actually Thelma Jean, she is in her 90's now, and in the advanced stages of Alzheimers.
She is as beautiful as ever....
this picture is Grandma Coonie with my dad and grandfather
taken in the early 1940's
There are some very interesting stories to be told about my Grandma Coonie and Grandpa Ray, so when deciding on a name change for my blog, I knew that I wanted it to become more than just sharing my latest junky finds, and fix-up projects. I have a very rich family history, (and by rich I don't mean monetarily), and since I have a knack for, and get the urge to tell stories I decided I wanted to incorporate family stories, current happenings, my penchant for making up stories, and all things home, family and faith into what I do each time I sit down and hammer away on my keyboard.

So with that said, the image that is slowly developing in my head is..."a back in the day wholesome family time", when life was simpler but harder all at the same time. A day before the technology of today, when family was the focus, and people worked hard for what they needed, and reused what they already had.

A day in time before society became so disposable.

The actual look of the blog will probably remain for the most part as you see it now, but I will be changing the header pictures out on occasion depending on my mood and posts. It's the graphic designer in me, I can't resist the urge to play with my photo editing program to create collages and other fun stuff,  it should keep things interesting.

My hope is to have a fun, and interesting blog that readers, and blogging friends will want to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, scroll through, and spend a little time with me. I hope I will be able to share things of interest, (I will be doing lots of that rusty, junky, restyling stuff I promise), things that will make you laugh, and maybe even things that will bring a tear to your eye.

So as we venture into { 2 0 1 3...Happy New Year } and Welcome to
Coonie & Bees Tales and Tellings

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